Elm House

“Boarders are motivated and keep themselves fit” 


Elm House has a warm and friendly atmosphere and quickly becomes a ‘home’ for the senior boy boarders.

Mr Sherwood, Houseparent for Elm House, is responsible for the boys’ welfare and every pastoral need. He ensures each boy develops through a well-structured system of activities and social independence. As well as Mr Sherwood and his boarding assistants who are always approachable, the pastoral team, academic team, specialist team and your son’s tutor are here to support him throughout his time at Appleford.

On the weekends boarders are given the opportunity to develop their personal independence through visiting the local town and shopping centre unescorted. At other times they benefit from accessing the village and its facilities. This independence enables the school to foster the boys’ social confidence.

There is plenty of external space for boarders to kick a ball about, whilst Elm House common rooms are places to relax, watch TV or use the computers. The boys also have access to a kitchen area where they often come together to chat, make toast and enjoy evening snacks.

Mr Sherwood lives in Elm House.


Mr Sherwood
Co Head of Boarding and Houseparent for Elm House