“Boarders told inspectors that their boarding experience is good” 


Elm House is the boys’ boarding house for boys in School Year 3 to Year 9.

The Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Wedd, along with other experienced and caring boarding staff make sure every effort is made to create a home-like atmosphere. They provide the emotional support that every pupil needs and help the boys to develop a strong set of values and good manners.

Dormitory life is carefully planned to provide the structure and consistency and the boys are encouraged to add a personal touch to their rooms with posters, photographs and an abundance of teddy bears! Every week the best dormitory receives points and at the end of the year there is an overall winning dorm and a much coveted prize.

Mr and Mrs Wedd

Houseparents for Elm House

“The school provides a good standard of boarding provision, with some outstanding features. Children are looked after by competent boarding staff and parents appreciate the kindness and the good, individual support staff give to their children.”

Ofsted Inspection 2010

Elm dormatory Dyslexic pupils enjoy learning at Appleford School