Elm House – Prep & Senior Boys

Prep School Boys and Senior School Boys

Elm House looks after all the boarding boys in the Prep School and most of our boarding boys in the Senior School.

The Houseparent for Elm House is Mr Sherwood, he is also the Co-Head of Boarding here at Appleford. He lives in Elm House with his son, Finn, who also works in boarding, in their own separate accommodation and they are always on hand. There are also other boarding staff to help the boys in the morning and evenings.

In the house, there is a recently revamped common room which the boarders helped to decorate, plus a kitchen/snug where the boys can have snacks in the evenings and prepare light snacks at weekends which helps work towards their independence and gives them space to relax and chill.

There are a variety of activities in the evenings for the boys to join in after they have done their homework. They use the sports hall extensively, playing anything from dodge ball to badminton and rock climbing. Some boys even join Mr Sherwood on his daily morning run!

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