Appleford welcomes pupils aged 7 – 18 years, with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and associated learning needs. We are unable to support pupils with behavioural difficulties (EBD).

We understand that finding the best school for your child is paramount and our Registrar is here to help you in this process. Our easy admission steps below are designed to help you. We are very proud of our pupils’ successes and prospective parents visiting Appleford regularly comment on our unique environment and the very many ‘happy‘ faces they see on our pupils.

We welcome international pupils, provided they are fluent in English.

Privately funded Pupils

If the pupil is to be privately funded a contract is signed and a deposit is taken to secure a place.

Local Authority funded Pupils

Some pupils are funded by local authorities through Education Health Care Plans (EHCPS).

An application needs to be made to the local authority where the pupil resides for them to agree to name Appleford School on the pupil’s EHCP. If this happens the local authority will normally pay all school fees and may also fund relevant therapies such as speech and language and occupational therapy.

Step 1 : Contact

Our Registrar will arrange a time to telephone you to discuss your child and answer the many questions you may have. If it is apparent that Appleford  may be the right school, the Registrar will request a copy of your child’s latest reports, such as school report, Educational Psychologists report, Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or further reports by professionals who may have assessed  your son or daughter.  On receiving these, our Therapy team will review them carefully and if it is recognised that Appleford could be the right provision, the Registrar will contact you for a Parent Visit.

Step 2 : Parent Visit

Our Registrar will invite you to visit Appleford where you will meet with the Headmistress for a personal visit and have a guided tour of the school and facilities we offer. This meeting also allows the Headmistress to learn more about your child (who may be present if wished) and for you to ask further questions. If it is agreed that Appleford may be suitable for your child, we will arrange a Pupil Taster visit.

Step 3 : Pupil Taster Visit

After receiving all relevant information, including relevant medical information, your son or daughter will be invited for a three-day taster visit (including boarding if a boarding application). There is no charge for the taster visit. Every care is taken during these visits to reduce anxiety and create a welcoming atmosphere. A ‘Buddy’ is nominated to help your child and a tour of relevant areas of the school is provided to help your child settle. If necessary, a Speech and Language and / or Occupational Therapy assessment may be carried out by a member of the Therapy team. At the end of these three days you will receive Taster Feedback from the Headmistress.

Step 4 : Taster Feedback

When you collect your child after their Taster, an appointment will be made for you to meet (or Teams meeting) with the Headmistress, where you will be given feedback and advised if Appleford is the right school.  Alternative provision may be suggested if it is apparent that Appleford would not be able to provide the best support for your child’s specific needs.

Step 5 : Complete Registration

If your child is successful, the Registrar will send you an ‘Offer letter’ and registration paperwork for you to complete and return. A start date is agreed; this may be at any stage during an academic year. Your child is now ready for admission.

Step 6: Admission

Following admission, observe your child’s progress and success!

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