Peer Mentoring Scheme & Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Whilst we have a fantastic team of adults for pupils to access, we also encourage peer support for struggles such as academic pressure, as pupils can better empathise with, and learn from, one another when they are going through similar experiences. Our Peer Mentoring Scheme benefits both the mentor and mentee by developing communication skills, providing strategies for tackling issues as well as encouraging friendships with those of different ages.

In our aim to raise awareness of bullying, we have Anti-Bullying ambassadors. These are pupils are trained in spotting signs of bullying, and act as points of contact for anyone requiring support. They are then able to alert the pastoral team of any concerns, so that they can be acted upon. In seeing these ambassadors show compassion and kindness to others, as well as an intolerance to bullying, pupils are likely to admire this behaviour and incorporate it into their own interactions with their peers.

Having an entire pupil population of less than that of an average year group in a mainstream school gives students the ease to socialise across all ages, allowing them all to look out for one another, and leading to a whole school approach for anti-bullying.

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