Appleford School is a fee-paying specialist school where high quality education is coupled with a realistic value-for-money fee structure. Our fees are set at a competitive rate and take into account our small class sizes, excellent classroom support and our high standards of evening and weekend care for boarders. The fees for the academic year 2023 – 2024 are as follows:

Per Term

Full Boarding (including International pupils) (year 4 to year 8)£12,565
Full Boarding (including International pupils) (year 9+) £14,078
Weekly Boarding (year 4 to year 8)£11,041
Weekly Boarding (year 9+)£12,554
Day (year 4 to year 8)£7,205
Day (year 9+)£8,718


Additional Costs

Per Term

1 Therapy Session per week£864
2 Therapy Sessions per week£1,728
3 Therapy Sessions per week£2,592
4 Therapy Sessions per week£3,456
Psychotherapy / Counselling£864
Social Skills Group£288
Additional Tuition Support: 1 Session per week£461
Bus ServicePrice on Application


Please Note: A full term’s notice is required on or before the 1st day of the current term before the removal of a pupil. In default of so doing, one term’s fees in lieu of such notice will be charged.

  • The School fee includes lunch, timetabled tuition and activities, stationery, drinks & snacks and clothes labelling. The boarding fee includes timetabled tuition, all meals, laundry, stationery and toiletries allowance.
  • International Boarding. Airport transfers will be billed termly. The school is happy to arrange the transfers if parents so wish.
  • The School operates a day bus service, which is charged termly in advance.
  • Every effort is made to keep ‘extras’ to a minimum but you may be billed for certain extra activities such as some educational trips, school shop items and other activities. Your permission will be sought for your child to attend an activity.

Learning Support

Parents will be informed of the results of the initial assessment of their child and recommendations will then be made to assess the extent of specialist additional tuition required and the costs involved. It may be required that a full Occupational Therapy assessment or Speech and Language assessment is necessary. Parental approval will be sought before such is undertaken. Once parents have agreed to the recommendations and pupils commence the program, a term’s notice off withdrawal is required in writing.

The following is chargeable as a one-off when incurred:

Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy Assessment                        £692


Full Boarding

International pupils and pupils whose parents live abroad must be full boarders and have a guardian in the UK.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarders have their own reserved bed-space for up to 5 nights each week (Sun-Thu inclusive). Weekly boarders may of course go home mid-week if they wish.   If weekly boarders wish to return on Saturday night then this will be charged at the rate of £64 per night.

If weekly boarders wish to return on Saturday night, then this will be charged at £70 per night.

If a house event requires boarders to stay on a Friday night then they will not be charged for this stay.

For further information on Weekly Boarding please email: registrar@appleford.wilts.sch.uk 


Flexi-Boarding is for those pupils who require a boarding arrangement which falls short of a weekly boarding commitment. Flexi-Boarding is an option when there is availability, this would include dinner, bed and breakfast plus any boarding activity on that evening.
Details and associated fees are shown below:

1 night per week2 nights per week
 Termly Fees£748£1,496

Occasional Boarding

Subject to availability, pupils may stay overnight in the boarding houses for a dinner, bed and breakfast fee of £70.

Occasional boarding will only be provided for a pupil depending on availability and will be treated as a ‘one off’. Occasional boarders will not be allocated their own bed space and boarding spaces may not be available for occasional nights.

To make enquiries please email: finance@appleford.wilts.sch.uk 

Payment of School Fees

Fees are due and payable on or before the first day of each term. Late payments increase the school’s costs and affect fee levels for all parents. We reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding balances. If interest is applied it will be added at a rate of 4.5% per month. The school reserves the right to amend school fees should circumstances require a reappraisal.

There are two ways to pay your fees and extras:

  • By bank transfer to the account of ‘Appleford School’, account number: 71415009, sort code: 60-14-24 (Natwest Bank). Please ensure that the invoice number is quoted on the transfer details (if payment is not related to an invoice, please ensure the pupil’s name is quoted on the transfer details).
  • By cheque payable to ‘Appleford School’ on or before the first day of term.

A fee Payment Plan is also available – the school offers a monthly payment facility. For further details please contact the Finance Office.  finance@appleford.wilts.sch.uk 

Insurance Schemes

  • Pupils’ Absence Insurance Scheme (opt in if required): 1.5% of School Fees per term
  • Personal Accident Scheme – the cost is covered within the school fees
  • Personal Effects Insurance (opt in if required) £10.00 per term

Sibling Discounts

Appleford School is pleased to award a discount to parents who have two or more children simultaneously at Appleford.  A discount of 5% will be applied for a second child, 7.5% for a third child, 10% for a fourth child and 15% for a fifth child. Subject to the points below:-

  • Discounts will not be applied in addition to any assistance the family receives in the form of a Bursary. This is because the level of support given by Appleford School in these cases already takes account of all factors including the presence of siblings at the school.
  • Discounts will be applied to the fees of the oldest child. That is, if there are two children the older will receive a 5% discount. If there are three children the oldest will receive a 7.5% discount and the middle child a 5% discount while all three are at Appleford School.
  • The scheme will be applied to fee paying parents only and not to LA or Military funded pupils.

Discounts will normally be a percentage of the relevant school fee.

The discounts applied can be clearly seen in the following table:

Number of children


2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child



Bursaries are awarded according to Appleford School Means Tested criteria in response to parental need, either to relieve difficulty in the family of an existing pupil, or to enable entry to Appleford School by pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees.

A completed Bursary Application Form is required from the parent(s) as a statement of the family’s financial position. The Application Form and further details can be obtained from the registrar’s office.  registrar@appleford.wilts.sch.uk 

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