How We Teach

“Small class sizes and highly trained specialized staff create a very positive atmosphere that fully supports learning.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The overriding principle at Appleford is to instill children with the confidence to learn.

Our curriculum provides a specialized, multi-sensory approach with an emphasis on basic literacy and numeracy skills combined with access to the full National Curriculum.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Therefore, each pupil follows a carefully structured, individualized programme of work designed to remediate difficulties and provide a sound basis for future study. This principle extends to all areas of the curriculum and ensures that our pupils have access to the full range of subjects that will prepare them for adult life.

Whereas in mainstream education pupils study Key Stages according to their chronological age, at Appleford they study according to their individual needs. Consequently, Key Stage 1 material is available in the Lower School for those pupils who still need to master the most basic skills even though they are of an age that normally suggests the teaching of a Key Stage 2 curriculum. This facility exists throughout the school with the overriding ethos that we do not teach a curriculum, we teach children!