Parent Comments

“Our son has thrived in Appleford’s unique environment and we have been absolutely thrilled with his academic progress”


“Dear Mr King, you and your team have given our daughter so much confidence and a thirst for life and learning I would have never thought was possible. Seeing how far our daughter has come and is still coming is amazing and knowing that it is thanks to you and your team and your constant support is even more amazing. Thank you all.”


“Appleford School has been a lifesaver for our son. It has given him confidence in himself allowing him to flourish and learn. The reason for this is, I’m sure, because of the kind, patient, nurturing team of staff headed up by Mr King (Headmaster). This has allowed our son, at last, to relax, be himself and to feel that he ‘fits in’.
Appleford has a family atmosphere where children are made to feel welcome; where they are listened to and understood; where they are helped and guided patiently through their ups and downs.
Our son arrives at school happy and he comes home happy – we could not ask for more! Thank you!”


“To everyone at Appleford School.

We wanted to thank you very much for all you have done for our son this term. He was a very angry, disengaged and unhappy child before he joined you and now we have our lovely, amusing, happy boy back.

His being at Appleford has made a huge difference to us all and we are very grateful to you all for taking the time and trouble with him.

Thank you and have a lovely Easter.”


“Appleford holds a very special place in our hearts. We moved from Derbyshire so that our son, who was seven at the time, could be a day boy. I will never forget picking him up after his tester day. In the morning he had been terrified to go in, so we were amazed to see him at the end of the day running around outside with a group of new friends. We had a hard time persuading him to come away. He’s never looked back and we’ve never regretted our decision.

He’s now a strapping 14 year old. Appleford has given him some wonderful opportunities and experiences and has turned a shy, anxious boy, who previously had found school confusing and isolating, into a lovely, confident young man with a great bunch of friends, good self-esteem, and lots of coping strategies.

A few months ago he plucked up the courage to approach the landlord of a local pub and ask if they needed any help in the kitchens at the weekends. We were so proud of the way he introduced himself and conducted himself. He’s been working there for four months now and has become a valued member of the team. I have no doubt at all that it was Appleford school which gave him the confidence to do this. Having completed his entry level Food Technology exam in Year 9 and having had a go at waiting on tables at the Parents’ Reception in year 10, I’m sure he felt that he had the necessary skills and had already proved to himself what he could achieve.

All of the staff at Appleford have steadily boosted his self–esteem, so that each year he has matured and grown in confidence. It is a very happy school and a very special place.”


“I would like to thank you very much for your help and support in our recent fight with the LEA.

“You were very important to my son during his time at Appleford and he will miss you very much. Please give my sincere thanks to all the staff. Your kindness will not be forgotten.”

Ex Parent

“We are both thrilled with Leonie’s school reports and we will continue to encourage and support her through all that she does in life. Thank you for all your help and support.”


“Lara has had a good term with some excellent grades. She works hard and seems dedicated. She is proud to be a House and School Prefect and takes her responsibilities seriously although she occasionally insists on having the last word! Lara likes her teachers and appears to have a good rapport with most. Her friends are very important and she enjoys being in a mixed environment.

“Lara has made great progress during the 18 months at Appleford. Her confidence has grown enormously. She loves to participate and school has allowed her this for the first time in her academic career. Happy child – happy parents!”


“We are both surprised that Alex has settled down into his boarding experience, many sleepless nights were had about the prospect.

“It is lovely to have a little boy home at weekends who is happy and growing in confidence, and is also more than happy to return to school. No “headaches”. Alex’s difficulties particularly with listening and being easily distracted are not a great surpirse, but we have every confidence that he will continue to improve over time. It is good to see his improvement in maths and positive feedback for PE.

“Thank you to all the staff for the support and kindness Alex has received.”


“We have noticed a huge improvement in Freddie’s self confidence and ability to form his own judgment since being at Appleford.

“He is obviously very happy and settled at Appleford and is looking forward to boarding.

“He is very proud to be on the school committee. We were very impressed with his A1 grade for personal organisation in his Orcheston House report and look forward to seeing this at home!”


“There isn’t much that I can say apart from I wish we had found you all earlier. Leonie has made such a massive improvement in all departments. Never before has she been found reading in her room, or wanting to read. She has become very confident. She speaks all the time about her teachers and new friends at school. I am very proud of the effort Leonie is making in her schooling, so well done Leonie, keep it up princess, and also a big thank you to everybody at Appleford for all your hard work and encouragement with Leonie’s progress.”


“When our son first joined Appleford we were living in Dubai, and are now in Bermuda. I remember well how downhearted I was when we were looking for a school for him and Appleford was the last one to be visited, by which time I was feeling pretty despondent and hopeless. From then on it just kept getting better and better! From the very first the Appleford team made us feel that our struggling son was valued, welcomed and that they could really help him.

“I can honestly say that we can wholeheartedly recommend Appleford as our son has been really happy there and has made great progress academically. At his previous school it was a really unhappy and stressful struggle for him to keep up with the pace of the class, even with an assistant working one-to-one with him, especially with such a large class size. Appleford’s classes are much smaller and the children are taught at the level they actually are, rather than where they should be! Our family noticed within the first few weeks that his confidence grew once he was in a school where it is accepted that everyone has a tricky time with one aspect of learning or another, and that he was no longer the odd one out! The improvements in his academic skills have come along more gradually, but this last year we were thrilled to learn that his reading and comprehension skills had leaped by 33 months in only 9 months!

“I have found the staff to be an incredibly caring group of teachers and carers who truly work together as an effective team. In fact, after our son being at Appleford three years, I consider many of the teachers and boarding staff as great friends too, despite the fact that I am only able to visit sporadically throughout the year. Although he has moved up into the Seniors, he has stayed in the junior boarding house as a Prefect and enjoys helping care for the younger boys in his house. I must say that Coral and Andy Wedd (Elston’s Houseparents for the last 3 years) are the nicest, most caring people you could hope to entrust your son to, and they have been particularly supportive with practical help during term time, such as buying new school shoes or even liaising with other parents to arrange a weekend out with one of our son’s weekly boarder friends!

“I know the whole idea of boarding school for many may be very difficult to contemplate, but I really can assure you that Appleford is a genuinely happy school where the children are given excellent support both in the classroom and also in their boarding lives.”