“Appleford School sprinkles magic dust over dyslexic children.”

Martin Cooke, Headmaster, Clayesmore School

“It was a genuine pleasure to work with your colleagues and your pupils, who helped me to gather much valuable data. You have a wonderful school, and it was a true pleasure to observe in person the excellent work I had heard so much about.”

Dylan Williams BSc, Researcher, Plymouth University

“Dear Headmaster

“A few weeks ago I drove through Shrewton and passed the gates of Appleford on my way to Salisbury Plain Training Area for an Iraq Pre-Deployment Combined Arms Exercise.

“I was a pupil at Appleford from September 1990 to July 1994, and felt this was a good moment to write back and let the school know how I have got on since leaving and hopefully provide a bit of inspiration to the boys and girls at Appleford today. Sitting back in Elston House 15 years ago I could never have imagined what it is possible to achieve, but also appreciate the grounding and development in education that Appleford provides. Even today dyslexia plays a part in my life; however my foundation at Appleford has helped me understand the difficulties dyslexia presents and, at the same time, never be a barrier to one’s development in education.

“After I left Appleford I moved on to Strathallan School in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland. Although initially the move 500 mileDSC.0028-daffodilss north was slightly overwhelming, I soon settled in and eventually finished there in May 2000 as a school prefect, having represented the school in Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Tennis and achieved good results in my Scottish Higher Grades and A-Level exams. That summer was spent in North Western Australia travelling, sailing and working for my uncle who is a Bush Ranger responsible for the remote Kimberley Region and ecological advisor to the Australian Government.

“I then went on to St. Andrews University to read for a degree in Geography. I enjoyed every minute of my four years there, playing a lot of golf and the Gaelic hockey game of Shinty. With the generous four month summer holidays you get at University I spent most of my time in the Sultanate of Oman travelling around the Arabian Peninsular and joining dolphin, whale and turtle marine conservation expeditions in the region.

“After finishing with a 2:1 (MA) degree in Geography at St. Andrews I went to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and a year later commissioned into the 1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets, a light infantry battalion based 8 miles from Blackpool. Earlier on this year I attended the Infantry Battle School in Wales, with overseas exercises in Malawi and Cyprus. In a week’s time I will be deploying on operations for 7 months, operating from Basra Palace in Southern Iraq commanding a platoon of 35 soldiers.

“When training on Salisbury Plain 2 weeks ago I could not help but feel proud that I had been a pupil at Appleford School.”

Ex Pupil