World War 2

As part of their Creative Curriculum, pupils in the Lower School have been learning about WW2 this term.

They have visited the STEAM museum of the Great Western Railway, had an evacuee experience and a bomb shelter experience. They have made the name tags that the evacuees had to wear, learnt about rationing, had a ration lunch and generally learnt about the causes of WW2.

The highlight at the end of term was preparing the food for the VE day party, which was held outside in the school cloisters, all decorated with red, white and blue bunting. Pupils listened to Winston Churchill and sang WW2 songs which they had learnt, ‘White Cliffs of Dover’, ‘Pack up your troubles’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’, whilst eating jam sandwiches, jelly and homemade biscuits.

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