Neemrana School, India

Appleford pupils have been raising money for a Government village School in Neemrana, India. This half term six of the pupils along with 3 adults took the opportunity to visit the School, taking with them cricket equipment, geometry sets, calculators and other items. The money raised, £1,200, is now being used to buy furniture from a local furniture maker to equip the school.

Mrs Booth, teacher at Appleford, said that they had the most incredible welcome at the village school. The local girls had painstakingly laid out a beautiful display in coloured powders and then greeted the Appleford pupils by placing garlands of flowers around their necks and marking their foreheads with turmeric paste and rice. Bollywood style dancing, singing and even snake charming (a cobra!) all added to the welcome. Despite the language barriers, all pupils found a way to communicate with the local children, playing games and teaching each other songs with great enthusiasm and confidence. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about another culture, help out in the school and experience the lifestyle of others.

As well as working within the village school, the pupils had opportunity to visit Ghandi’s cremation site, mosques and Hindu temples. They joined in Festivals, visited a Potter’s workshop and Gold and Silversmith. Transport was by camel cart and rickshaw.

Mrs Booth says that she was so impressed by the willingness of the Appleford pupils to try new experiences, new foods, and be so confident out of their comfort zone.

Visit to an Indian Classroom

Appleford will be keeping in contact with their new friends and are looking forward to receiving photographs of the new furniture. They even hope that they may be able to visit again.

It was all a magical experience and the pupils who travelled, Tom, Jasmine, Olivia, Ciaran, Sam and Charlotta are preparing presentations to give to the other pupils at Appleford and would like to thank everyone who supported the trip, including Virgin Atlantic.

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