24/02/14 – Girls speak out for dyslexia.

Three Appleford pupils spoke out on local radio and in the local newspaper last week. Tilly, Issy and Heather were all angry and upset by reports in the media that dyslexia is a ‘meaningless label’.

A new book The Dyslexia Debate says dyslexia is a meaningless label that holds back teachers and parents from helping children with their individual reading difficulties and they shouldn’t waste resources on testing to get a dyslexia diagnosis.

Issy said “comments from people about getting rid of the word ‘dyslexia’ make me angry because without ‘dyslexia’, I wouldn’t be getting this help. We do have to try very hard and we DO get upset about not getting it right, but the support from our teachers has helped us through and taught us to never give up.” Heather added that she had heard it said that ‘dyslexics are lazy’ and this was wrong because “we all try harder every day and want to achieve success.” Tilly, who also wrote to the author of the book, said that “we find the comments very hurtful and disrespectful. If I didn’t know that I had dyslexia, I wouldn’t be going to a Dyslexia School and working really hard to achieve my goals.”


Tilly, Issy and Heather.

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