21/02/11 – Ye Olde Medieval Armourer Visits Appleford School

History was brought alive at Appleford School last week when a medieval armourer came to visit.

As part of their studies the senior school pupils at Appleford have been studying the medieval period.210211-olde-1

The daily life of a knight was expertly re-created when a medieval Lord and armourer – Sir Edward Pierpoint (aka Dave Fawcett) – visited the school.

Sir Edward brought in swords, axes, helmets and armour, that the pupils were able to study close up and try on.

Appleford teacher Richard Caley said: “The experience of handling these artefacts and weapons was both exciting and memorable for our pupils. It really brought history back to life.”

Based in Shrewton, Appleford is a co-educational school for children with dyslexia and associated learning difficulties, aged 7-16.

Appleford was awarded ‘Outstanding’ in its latest Ofsted education inspection.




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