18/10/13 – Dyslexia Awareness

During Dyslexia Awareness week (14 – 20 October), the pupils at Appleford School wished to highlight that dyslexia was not just a difficulty with reading and spelling, but that dyslexia can bring many strengths!

All pupils at the school wrote their names and added comments, (poems and drawings about their feelings about dyslexia) to cards and hung these, along with the names of other famous dyslexics including: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, Steve Redgrave, Tom Cruise, Hans Christian Anderson, to an Apple tree in the school grounds. The tree was presented by an old pupil of the school and planted earlier this year.

Pupils from Mrs Clark’s class wrote the following on their cards


DYSLEXIA (before Appleford)
Life is Difficult when you can’t do anything.
You might feel Sad or Lost.
Life was EXcruciating when we were Ignored
and we felt Agitated.
DYSLEXIA (at Appleford)
At Appleford we are Delighted to be Yseful.
It’s Super to be Loved and learning is EXciting,
Interesting and Amazing.

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