16/10/09 – Appleford have just held their annual Apple Day festivities.

This year has been particularly special with the day coinciding with Dyspraxia Awareness Week. To mark this event each of the pupils released a red balloon, with a label asking to be returned to the school. This caused excitement with the pupils as they had heard that in the past these have been found as far away as the coast of France.

Named “Apple Day” after the school, the tradition has been going for over 15 years. Richard Caley, the Deputy Head explains:Appleday09

“The first Apple Day arose when our Founders Day was moved to the Autumn Term. We wanted a celebration which related to the harvest of apples and it has grown considerably over the past few years. Former pupils look forward to coming back on this day and taking part in the festivities and of course enjoying a delicious toffee apple!”

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