16/08/11 – Speech Day Prize Winners

We celebrated our 22nd speech day on Saturday 16th July. Our Guest speaker was Alex Seaton who gave an inspirational speech on how he has coped with his dyslexia oNicholasver the years. Alex has gone on to become a talented musician, the author of a published cookery book and is a self employed Reiki Master and Teacher.

Pupils, staff and parents were entertained by a ‘Thriller’ dance performed by a group of our Senior pupils (choreographed by Miss Berry) and some superb trampolining by five of our leavers, one of which had just been awarded his Level 10 Certificate – the highest level achieved at Appleford.

We are always sad to say goodbye to our leavers, many of whom we have known for several years. A reception was held for parents and leavers before they departed. We will keep in touch and hear of their successes in future years.

Becky  Philip

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