12/10/11 – Salisbury MP John Glen opens Appleford School’s inspiring new dining hall

Appleford welcomed Salisbury MP John Glen this week, who made a special visit to the school to open their incredible new dining hall. Joining his was local architect, Paul Stevens who had been invited to create the space which would incorporate the style and period of the school with modern and environmental features. He explains:

“TJohn Glenhe brief was to design a dining hall that was bright and airy, give good views of the grounds, something that the current dining hall was lacking. We were also asked to ensure that reverberation of sound was reduced. Appleford also asked for a timber frame building that had green credentials.”

Appleford School Bursar, Clive Gutteridge who was involved with the project from inception to completion added:

“The new dining hall is a wonderful, fit for purpose, modern and eco-friendly space. When we designed it we wanted to maximise the glass area and bring in our beautiful green outside space into our dining hall. This has been successfully achieved and the new round tables and individual chairs have also contributed to the dining hall experience. Coupled to it is the use of modern acoustic materials which have significantly reduced the noise levels in the dining hall so that the children with specific learning difficulties are better able to cope and enjoy the fantastic food that our award winning chef Wayne Harris and his team produce.” 

The dining room extension opened on 1 Sep 2011 after a 5 month build, it is an excellent example of a fit for purpose building.



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