12/05/08 – ICT News

Appleford pupils took delivery this week of some new, very high-tech laptops. These are a fraction of the size, weight and price of conventional laptops but come with all the very latest bells and whistles. They have an inbuilt web-cam and can communicate wirelessly and by Bluetooth as well as with more conventional direct connection. Having solid state memory they are more robust than a typical notebook and long battery life means that they will be ideal for taking on field trips and recording findings in writing, photographs and video. Weee-pce have enough for each child in any group and pupils are now itching to get their hand on them and try them for the first time. Mr. Owen, Head of ICT is delighted with his new toys and having spoken to the Wiltshire ICT advisors thinks we may be the first school in Wiltshire to be using this new piece of kit.
Watch this space for news of children’s podcasts..

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