07/04/17 Appleford Scout Troop

The Appleford Scout Troop spent much of the first weekend of the Easter holidays working hard in the small woodland beside the Beeches. After camping out under sleeping shelters made only from tarpaulin, the Scouts cooked their own breakfast on the campfire and got ready for a busy day ahead. A team of 11 Scouts and 9 adults built up an amphitheatre fire pit, created a living den out of hazel branches, built a log store for keeping our wood organised and dry and erected our own flag pole. The woodland, now transformed will become the home of the Scout Troop and will be our base for as many meetings as the weather allows. A huge thank you must go to the parents who donated to and supported the project, to Mr Shipstone for his help, Mr King for allowing us to use the space and to the Scouts that put in so much effort at the weekend.

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