06/11/09 – Appleford School bring special messages to Salisbury for Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Appleford School has come up with a special way to celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs this week from 1st – 7th November.

To raise awareness, the pupils have taken part in a unique project. Each pupil has written on a piece of card expressing what being dyslexic means to them and these have been tied with a red ribbon to the magnolia tree in Queen Elizabeth Gardens for local people to read and be inspired. In some of the pupils’ own words:061109-18

“Being dyslexic is good because your brain can be wired up in a different and brilliant way.” Edward, aged 11.

“Being dyslexic has made me think more so I love taking things apart and seeing how they work.” Jamie, aged 12.

The Mayor of Salisbury Bobbie Chettleburgh was there to see the tree and its poignant messages revealed today. She said:

“My young grandson has dyslexia so it is a subject close to my heart. I have found these messages heart warming and encouraging.”

Headmistress Lesley Nell, who has recently joined the school, added:

“Dyslexia Week is an important date in the Appleford Calendar. We aim to champion dyslexia as a gift, not a hindrance to achievement. Our hope is to enable the children to carry on enjoying learning, developing their talents and passions.”

More ribbon messages can be read on the ribbons project page [Page is no longer avaialable]. 061109-33

OUR PICTURE SHOWS: 1) The Mayor, Bobby Chettleburgh with one of the messages 2) Headmistress Lesley Nell and some of the Appleford pupils at the tree 3) Some of the children with their messages.


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