“Boarders are proud of their achievements”


Whilst the weekly boarders go home for the weekend, full boarders live at school every night of the week with the exception of exeat weekends when all pupils go home or stay with friends or a guardian.  A variety of fun activities and educational trips are on offer, ranging from trips to the cinema, pantomime, laser-quest, fun-pools, ten-pin bowling, museums, Wokey Hole caves, tree running, Harry Potter World and ice-skating (to name but a few).

During the evenings boarders can engage in a range of after school activities such as Scouts and Guides, Athletics and Judo.  Pupils can also access the facilities of our locality with boarders regularly using the local gym, attending swimming lessons and receiving coaching in a range of sports. Time is also set aside for prep and homework (Independent Learning).

All of these activities provide an enhanced educational experience for our pupils, giving them the opportunity to try new things, develop skills, form friendships and have fun.

One boarder said, ‘Weekends are awesome’, when talking about boarding and the activities available. This view was shared with another boarder saying, ‘Boarding – it is fun’. Another boarder said, ‘I love this school.’  some boarders said that one of the best things about boarding was making friends and spending time together.  OFSTED 2016

Boys shooting arrows

1st (Appleford) Scouts