Maddington House

Prep School Boys

Maddington House is the Prep School Boarding House for boys, up to and including Year 8, where the children socialise and enjoy activities together in a secure and friendly family environment. There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the children fostered by Houseparents Mr and Mrs Wedd and their team of boarding assistants.

Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Wedd

Mr and Mrs Wedd live in Maddington House with their dogs and have been Houseparents at Appleford for many years. The dogs love the children and help them if they feel upset or anxious. With the assistance of other experienced and caring boarding staff, they make sure every effort is made to create a home-like atmosphere.

Maddington House is situated in the local village with its own private walled garden where children can play safely. There is a large family kitchen where the children come together to have breakfast and evening snacks, all other meals are had at the main school site. A school minibus transports the children to and from the school.

Dormitory Life

The accommodation is spread across three floors, where dormitory life is carefully planned to provide structure and consistency. All children are encouraged to add personal touches to their rooms with posters, photographs and an abundance of teddy bears.

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