Appleford School is a fee paying specialist school where high quality education is coupled with a realistic value-for-money fee structure. Our fees are set at a competitive rate and take into account our small class sizes, excellent classroom support and our high standards of evening and weekend care for boarders.

School Fees from 1 September 2020

Download fees for 2020-2021 

Per Term (3 terms per year)
Full Boarding £10,390
International Boarding £10,995
Weekly Boarding £9,351
Day (year 3 to year 8) £6,501
Day (year 9+) £6,860


Therapy Charges Per Term
Band A: 1 Session per week £780
Band B: 2 Sessions per week £1,560
Band C: 3 Sessions per week £2,340
Band D: 4 Sessions per week £3,120
Psychotherapy / Counselling     (1 session per week) £780
Social Skills Group £260
Additional Tuition Support     (1 session per week) £416
Bus Service £624


Please Note: A full term’s notice is required on or before the first day of the current term before the removal of a pupil. In default of so doing, one term’s fees in lieu of such notice will be charged.

– The School fee includes lunch, timetabled tuition and activities, stationery, drinks, snacks and clothes labelling.
– The boarding fee includes timetabled tuition, all meals, laundry, stationery and toiletries allowance.
– The International Boarding fee includes four airport transfers per term.
– The School operates a day bus service, which is charged termly in advance.
– Every effort is made to keep ‘extras’ to a minimum but you may be billed for certain extra activities such as some educational trips, school shop items and other activities. Your permission will be sought for your child to attend an activity.