What Will My Child Achieve?

“Teachers’ expectations are high and pupils respond
with the same commitment”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

First and foremost your child will learn to have confidence in their own ability and develop a desire to do well in their learning.

By being educated in small classes alongside their peers, our children soon learn that there is nothing ‘different’ about them and that their teachers really do understand how to teach them in the way they learn best.

Appleford School pupils

Confidence breeds belief which breeds success

Academic progress is continually monitored with end of year assessments establishing levels of progress in relation to the national curriculum. Throughout the year additional teacher assessments will highlight any areas of concern with targeted interventions being developed as and when necessary. These are devised and monitored by our Head of Learning Support and are recorded on your child’s IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

It is Appleford’s ultimate goal to prepare your child for adult life. We, therefore, closely track progress to ensure that all pupils have access to appropriate qualifications which will include GCSEs (with options at Year 9) and BTEC Vocational and Functional Skills Certificates. In short, no child leaves Appleford without a Record of Achievement and CV which shows they are qualified and ready to take on the next phase of their lives.

Importantly, we continue to place a high emphasis on personal and social skills through your child’s career at Appleford. Consequently, every child from Year 9 onwards takes part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and all children have access to an extensive co-curricular programme which includes elements of charity and community service.